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February, 2016

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"I have seen at least 20 assembly programs on bullying
              and that was absolutely the best"

Steve Kessler, Principal, Horace Mann School (K-8), Beverly Hills, CA


School Assemblies on Bullying


"... a world-class performance and a powerful message by a consummate professional..."


Choose Character Over Bullying
K-12 School Assemblies >>


Not Just Another Good Assembly


"...setting standards of excellence that become a measuring stick to which others strive." 


About School Assembly Speaker
Cary Trivanovich >>


Recent School Assemblies


Contact Cary's most recent school assembly clients, and settle your curiosity about his effectiveness.


References of Recent Elementary, Middle and High School Assemblies >>


Message With Substance

"Your message was spot-on.  It's so hard to find an entertaining speaker whose message has substance..."

No fluff with this speaker >>


Teen Impact

"It made me realize how important life really is..."

Poignant Emails From Students >>


Keynote on Bullying

What this school speaker offers to communities, colleges, school administrator and PTA conferences, is invaluable.

Keynote Information >>


Advice for Bullying Prevention

After 4000 school appearances and dialoguing with those administrators, teachers, counselors, parents, student leaders and even bullies along the way, Cary's notes with five key strategies for school bullying prevention is unprecedented. >>

"A Friend Magnet"

Foster peer respect and selflessness with this popular school assembly by Cary Trivanovich.

An excellent school assembly program to compliment an anti-bullying or Character Counts campaign, Cary's new Friend Magnet message is a huge hit coast to coast.  Book Cary's elementary, middle and high school assemblies for your whole community.

"Cary, thank you for a fun show and a powerful message...  I appreciated the straight matter-of-fact talk you gave around the three chairs...  To empower the top chair as the leaders anyone can become was the positive message we needed to hear. Well done."
Kelly Powell, Principal, (Retired, 2015)
Otto Petersen Elementary, Scappoose, OR




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