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"I have been a principal for 35 years, and that was the best assembly I have ever seen."
John Casato, Former Principal,
St Anne School (K-8),
Laguna Niguel, CA


About the Substance of the Message

"Your message was spot-on.  It's so hard to find an entertaining speaker whose message has substance..."

A Special Note to Administrators About This...


Age appropriate?  Absolutely.

Cary's lower and upper elementary school assemblies, as well as his middle and high school assembly programs, are geared distinctly to the age level of each audience.


Forum for Families and Teachers

You can add an evening forum to the school assembly for your community.  It will involve remedies to stop bullying, Q&A, and a short performance which parents will appreciate after hearing about it from their kids!




"Choose Character Over Bullying"
Anti-Bullying School Assemblies
High, Middle & Elementary School Assemblies


"Cary Trivanovich's assembly yesterday was amazing!  He was funny and entertaining, but most importantly his message was powerful.
Choosing Character Over Bullying is more than a catch phrase, it is a way of life.  Do you want to be first chair?  Second chair? or Third chair?  Choose as if your life depends on it, because the course of your life does.

Patrice McCallum, Principal, Ridgeview Elementary, Granite Bay, CA

Cary's performance is akin to a comedian performing pantomime.  Not just "pantomime" however - Cary's performance has been highly acclaimed in educational theatre, theatre festivals, cruise ships around the world and by Los Angeles theatre critics.  The reaction he receives in school assemblies must be seen to be believed.  His performance earns so much respect in his assemblies that he is able to follow with a straightforward message with pin-drop attention.

Cary's message follows his performance, consisting of the latter half (or more) of his assembly program.  Spoken appropriately to each school-age level and in a positive manner, Cary's message is designed to foster selflessness and the respect and well-being of others.

The following aspects are included, depending on each school's interest, and are tailored with varying depth from school to school:

* Cary effectively exposes the self-centered attitude of bullying, defining for the audience why kids bully while exposing the immaturity of it.
* Cary relates the painful consequences of being bullied, and also explains the long-term consequences of being a bully.
* He encourages victims of bullying, giving them helpful and practical advice.
* Cary gives special emphasis to cyber-bullying in middle and high school assemblies, inspiring students about the value and importance of confronting their friends who are committing such actions.
* He encourages reporting bullying when being a witness to it.
* Cary culminates his message with his very positive "Three Chairs" Friend Magnet discourse, about being a peer who displays respect and selflessness.

PDF Page About Cary's School Assemblies on Bullying, to Print and Show to Others.


Prices for school assemblies are inclusive - they include all travel; flight, car, lodging, meals, etc. - and vary from area to area, depending on location, date and area tours.  Please contact Mr. Trivanovich about prices and possible discount tours in your area.

No extra charge for two consecutive-hour assemblies at a given school to accommodate combined schools sharing the same auditorium, lack of space, gym one-side seating, or separate assemblies for lower and upper grades.

Discounts are available for two schools booking together and sharing the same date (and an even further discount for 4+ schools booking consecutive days!).




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